Blue Compass

Our Mission

At Blue Compass, we facilitate transformational experiences that provide strategies and tools to help guide teams towards sustainable results-based improvements.


Our Values

All of our work is guided by the core values of our business. Our core values are people-centered and results focused. We believe this specific combination of core values lead to transformational results that are sustainable over time.


Courage & Integrity

We pride ourselves on having honest conversations and interactions with our clients. We feel a sense of urgency around helping our clients reach their goals. So, we take a bold, innovative and transparent approach to each project. And, we’ll always give you our complete and honest assessment.

EQUITABLE & Inclusive

Representation and inclusion are key components of our approach to change. We navigate hierarchies, embrace difference and avoid the single narrative.

Building Communities & Teams

We believe all communities and teams have the potential to be great. Using empathy along with fun and engaging activities, we work with communities and teams to build trust and develop plans and implement strategies for success.