Carlos F. Rosales


As a managing partner of Blue Compass Group, Carlos brings a range of dynamic experiences to the firm including community building, change management and strategic development to name a few. Carlos has almost a decade of experience helping groups and communities develop strategies and interventions to address their most pressing concerns. He is currenly focused on Community Outreach & Engagement efforts at Citizens’ Committee for Children of New York, an Advocacy, Civic, and Research organization focused on children’s well being in NYC. Additionally, Carlos serves on the board for the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network. After joining in June 2017 and supporting programming, events and activities, Carlos was elected to serve as Board Co-Chair for the organization. 

An expert in strategy and facilitation, Carlos has helped organizations develop and execute strategic and change management plans customized to meet their needs. He has worked with staff at all levels to develop and implement change in stressful environments with time sensitive deadlines. In the past, he has served as a consultant and facilitator working for various organizations including The Center for Human Development and Family Services, Humanities Action Lab: States of Incarceration and NYC Parks GreenThumb. He has experience working on  many social justice issues including education, mental health, foster care, incarceration, the Latinx community and LGBTQ rights. He is a master at group facilitation, creating transformational experiences for groups and teams looking to build consensus and get to action.

Carlos holds a BA in Political Science & History from Ithaca College, and a Masters of Science in Nonprofit Management with a focus on Organizational Change from The New School. At Blue Compass Group, Carlos manages our facilitation division.

Carlos enjoys travel and exploration across the world. He loves living in Astoria, NYC and can often be found reading at a park or beach. He can never get ‘too much’ of being outdoors.

Fun Fact: Carlos was a member of the Crew Team (rowing) at Ithaca College.