Our Services

Blue Compass GROUP helps clients navigate challenges and create solutions to meet the needs of teams and achieve measurable outcomes. Our services are customized to your needs based on the assessment completed during our client consultation.


The act of guiding a group through a results-based process is not always simple or clear. Our facilitation services are rooted in proven change management and group process techniques.

Focus Areas:

  • Professional Development

  • Collaborative Efforts

  • Partnership & Strategic Alliance Building

  • Community-led Initiatives

  • Meeting Facilitation


Our full-service consulting firm provides the guidance and support you need to develop customized solutions, monitor outcomes and maximize results. To help understand what custom solutions you need, contact us.

Focus Areas:

  • Change Management & Strategic Planning

  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

  • Strengthening Teams

  • Leadership Transition Planning

  • Organizational & Staff Assessment

  • Coaching


Our retreat packages can be customized to your needs and are deep dive sessions with follow-up, and ongoing support for your team. Retreats can range from one to multi-day experiences, on site or your preferred destination.

Focus Areas:

  • Team Building

  • Board Development

  • Culture & Group Dynamics

  • Project Implementation Support

  • Staff Wellness & Self Care

 Client Experience 


We understand that our clients generally wear more than one hat.  Your busy, we get it! We intend to make this collaborative process as easy as possible by keeping open lines of communication, providing follow ups and consistent feedback. 

Co – Creation

Our services are just as valuable as your input. Once the project is completed, we pride ourselves on making sure the client is able to effectively make progress in our absence.


We don’t rush the process, we guide it with your timeline in mind. After an assessment, we provide each client with a "Navigation Guide" which lists your recommended action plan and benchmarks for tracking progress. Our approach leaves clients with skills and tools that can be applied in their everyday work.


Cookie cutter approaches…NOT here! Our recommendations are customized for your needs and will push you to think outside of the box and embrace innovation.

With You, Not For You!

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